Listening is KEY!  I start by listening to your needs, tour your space and together we set expectations which lays the foundation for our work together.  Then, I create a customized plan for your needs, preferences, and habits.

Let Me Help You

Compassionately – I am nonjudgmental and pride myself on my ability to listen to your individual needs so that we design the solution that works best for you.

Visually – I see past the piles and see your space’s potential usage, efficiencies, and beauty.

Cost-Effectively – I price the solutions to fit your pocket-book so that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Competently – I bring my own life experiences, professional and personal skill sets and industry knowledge to tackle your job.

Dedicatedly – I am very committed to helping you reach your goals and exceeding your satisfaction.

Most of all – I am honored for the opportunity to prepare your space so that it brings you joy, respite, and harmony.

Code of Conduct

I assure that my services will be rendered in a professional and ethical manner consistent with accepted move management and professional organizing ethical standards.

Although our relationship involves very personal interactions and discussions, I keep all client information (both business and personal) confidential and not use it to benefit myself or my firm, or reveal this information to others.  So you will not see before and after pictures on my website.  In addition, I use proprietary client information only with the client’s permission if needed for referral purposes.

If at any time and for any reason you are dissatisfied with our professional relationship, please let me know.  And, I will do my utmost to resolve your concerns.

Tidy Liv’n by Claryce – Your Relocation Concierge and Home Sale Preparation Expert