Project By Project Help

Home & Office Organization

  • Conquer clutter
    • Purge your space of unneeded or tired items
    • Dispose of unwanted items efficiently and appropriately (donate, recycle, or sell)
  • Paper, records and file management
    • Purge unnecessary paper clutter and appropriately keep only the important documents (hard copies, scanned, or offsite)
    • Create systems for greater efficiency and manageability
  • Space planning, design, and staging
    • Analyze space for usage, storage capacity, etc.
    • Develop a plan to align with your vision for the space
    • Create accessible, affordable and efficient storage and shelving systems customized just for you and your needs
    • Repurpose or recycle existing furniture
    • Stage the living space to create a balance so you can de-stress and rejuvenate
    • Stage the office space to improve workflow and maximize your time at work

Maintenance and Touch up Projects

I believe that in order to provide you with the necessary tools that will last you a lifetime, I need to check in with you on now and then.  These check-ups will provide us with the necessary opportunities to re-evaluate the systems created and conduct any necessary touch-ups.

As we age, our life and needs change, and I want the systems to change and grow with you.  As with every other step of my process, I work closely with you to create a customized maintenance plan that is tailored perfectly to meet your needs and resources.

Home or Office Move and Relocation

  • Plan and coordinate all aspects of move
  • Purge and prepare; determine what to take or not
  • Coordinate dissemination of unwanted items (sale, donate, recycle or trash disposal) … including legacy or pre-estate distribution
  • Work collaboratively with Realtor to prepare the current home for a quick sale
    • Cleaning, landscaping and repair work coordination
    • Staging of home
  • Create a floor plan of new space; overall space planning based on rooms function, focal point, etc.
  • Manage the actual move to ensure every detail is complete
    • Select a mover
    • Pack and inventory belongings
    • Oversee “moving day”
    • Unpacking of boxes, arranging of furniture and staging of the new home
    • Install closet and storage systems
    • Manage items that go to multiple locations

Estate Transitions

Experiencing a death in the family or transitioning elderly parents into a retirement community, nursing home, or even into your own home is an emotional and difficult endeavor. Let me help with the process.

Family Death

  • Work with family and/or attorney and develop a plan
  • Inventory belongings
  • Oversee pack up and disbursement to family members
  • Facilitate the sale or donation of valuables
  • Oversee other service providers (estate sale, hauling company, real estate agent, moving company, construction services, maid services, etc.)

Senior Moving

  • Work with family to develop a plan
  • Inventory belongings
  • Help make decisions on what to bring (right size furniture for easy maneuverability) versus what to give to family members and what to sell or donate
  • Oversee pack up and disbursement
  • Facilitate the sale or donation of valuables
  • Oversee other service providers (estate sale, hauling company, real estate agent, moving company, construction services, maid services, etc.)

Preparing Your Home for the Arrival of Aging Parents

  • Help you clear space and make room
  • Create a floor plan that meets everyone’s needs
  • Unpack and organize the new space

Event Planning (Partial and Full Service)

  • Help create your event’s theme, decor, style to bring your vision to life
  • Vendor recommendations and overall coordination (equipment, linen and china rentals, florists, photographers, videographers, caterers, musicians, transportation, etc.)
  • Contract review to ensure enough hours are booked and no surprise clauses
  • Event setup and styling
  • Event branding coordination (stationary, invitations, save the date notifications, signage, and other printed materials)
  • Specialty items and giveaways coordination (welcome bags, clothing, favors, etc.) includes research, purchase, assembly, and delivery of favors to your event

Holiday Preparation and Decorating

  • Prepare space to showcase your decorations
  • Decorate your home or office with your current decorations
  • Shop for new decorations based on your likes and budget, then decorate
  • Remove and pack decorations following the holidays for quick and easy set up the next year

Room By Room Help

Attic, Basement, Storage Shed

    Let me help you purge and organize your off-season clothes, luggage, paints, gifts, decorations, etc. so that they are readily available the next time you need them.


    I will help you clear cabinet and counter-top clutter to make space for everyone to use the bathroom efficiently.


    Let me help you clear your clothing clutter (purge), organize your closets, clear out the nightstands, organize your jewelry and makeup so you can reclaim your bedroom as the peaceful escape it was meant to be.


    I will help you clear unwanted items and reconfigure the space so that your closets can become your most valued organizing containers.

Craft or Sewing Rooms

    Let me help you organize your supplies for ease of access the next time those creative juices flow.


    I will help you organize your lawn and garden equipment, hand and power tools and recreation equipment so you can get your car in the door or create a workspace to do tasks.


    Let me help you create a better workflow in your kitchen, personalize the layout of your cabinets, and clear out extra food clutter.


    I can help you take control by devising a system that works for your lifestyle and your home.

Living Rooms

    Let me help you create personalized systems to keep the clutter at bay, organize your living space, and turn your living room into an inviting, relaxing place for friends and family to gather.


    I can help you transform the room into a beautiful haven for your newborn; a room that will be easy for you to change, feed, dress, relax, read to and enjoy your baby. The closet will set up so clothes are not forgotten and you can find exactly what you want when you want it. I will even help you organize your diaper bag so you will never be lost looking for the essential items.

Play Rooms

    Let me help you make this space inviting and also easy to maintain.  Let me devise a system that makes clean up more engaging for the kids and a load off of Mom and Dad.

My Rates

My rates range from $45–$55 per hour depending on the project’s timing.  Unless otherwise specified as a “complimentary” consultation, time “on-the-clock” (billed in 15-minute intervals) includes phone consultations and coaching, project research, approved shopping, lengthy emails, instant messaging or texting.  In addition to my hourly rates, you are responsible for all the cost-of-goods used in your project.  And, for jobs located outside 25 miles from my office, I charge an additional $.55 per mile instead of my hourly rate (a savings to you).

Hours:    Monday – Friday  8:00 am – 5:00 pm