For an organized and stress-free move or estate distribution …

TIDY LIV’N is at your service!

Project Planning & Coordination

  • Work with client to develop a customized plan
  • Vendor coordination: all resources needed to complete the project (estate sale, hauling company, moving company, construction services, house cleaning services, etc.)
  • Project scheduling and management of the actual move to ensure every detail is complete
    • Recommend mover based on the job parameters and goals of the client
    • Inventory belongings and help make decisions on what to bring (i.e., right size furniture for easy maneuverability) versus what to give to family members (legacy or pre-estate distribution) and what to sell or donate
    • Oversee the purge and sort process, pack up of items
  • Facilitate the dissemination of unwanted items (sale, donate, recycle or trash disposal)
  • Clean out of old residence according to plan (sweep out to the sale of home)

Relocation Coordination

  • Create a floor plan design and furniture selection based on the rooms functionality, focal point, etc.
  • Oversee “packing” process
    • Ensure labeling and inventory
  • Oversee “moving day”
    • Coordination of move;
    • Arrange furniture according to the floor plan
    • Manage items that go to multiple locations
  • Oversee “unpacking” process
    • Placement of belongings
    • Removal of packing materials
  • Stage new location
    • Hang artwork and place knick-knacks
    • Install closet and/or storage systems

Have you recently lost a loved one, do you need to downsize or move?

Then my team and I may be able to help.

Estate and Legacy Projects

Letting go of precious belongings and/or moving is daunting and emotionally draining.  But, you don’t have to face it alone.  My team and I are dedicated to easing you through ALL aspects of your project so you can feel safe and secure.

  • Thorough Understanding of Downsizing and Space Planning
  • A Wide-scope of Available Resources
  • Value Add by Solving Unanticipated Problems

All carefully planned and implemented with expert attention to ensure you settle into your new space.  Thus, making the transition process as stress-free as possible.

  • Estate inventory
  • Assistance with estate dispersal (sorting, packing, shipping, estate sale, donation, and trash removal)
  • Development of an “Important   Document Box”
  • Organization of files
  • Purging and sorting of belongings

 Preparing A Home for the Arrival of Aging Parents

  • Help clear out and set up a dedicated space
  • Create a floor plan that meets everyone’s needs
  • Unpack and organize the new space

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