We all face negative situations in our life – usually not altogether at the same time as we find ourselves today.  We also know that we should keep a positive attitude during adverse situations.  Clearly, that is easierly said than done.

This begs the question, what do we do with our pent up frustration (non-released negative energy)?  Well, researchers have known for years that exercise can affect certain moods.  So let’s get busy!

“Busy hands and idle minds have knitted many a sweater; busy minds and idle hands have knitted many a brow.” ― Maryrose Wood, the Unseen Guest

I would like to suggest, that you use this “gift of time on your hands” and get busy attacking the clutter and excess stuff in your house.  “Knit” a home of peace, serenity, and joy by removing items that clog the mind, bog the home's capacity and limit one’s ability for creativity.

Click on the following image and put your idle hands to work while bringing positivity to your life.